Buddha book

by Kurt on April 7, 2014

See on Scoop.itMarketingBliss by Kurt Frenier aka TheRedHotMarketingBlender

A yearlong intense dialogue between two busy professionals about the meaning of marketing, the universe and life. Written in a never seen storytelling way to explain the future of marketing and the role of branding in there. This is the first marketing book that reads like a novel.

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See on Scoop.itMarketingBliss by Kurt Frenier aka TheRedHotMarketingBlender

“When Jonah Berger was a graduate student at Stanford, in the early aughts, he would make a habit of reading page A2 of the Wall Street Journal, which included a list of the five most-read and the five most-shared articles of the day.

Kurt Frenier‘s insight:

It still comes down to ethos, pathos, and logos … all 3 deliver SOCIAL CURRENCY.

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Through the years: Nike’s history of sustainable innovation

November 29, 2013

See on Scoop.it – MarketingBliss by Kurt Frenier aka TheRedHotMarketingBlender Nike has come a long way on its sustainable innovation journey See on www.theguardian.com

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Sprechen Sie Street? (disconnects between marketing – CEO – Wall Street) — by Kurt Frenier, The Red Hot Marketing Blender

November 10, 2013

See on Scoop.it – MarketingBliss by Kurt Frenier aka TheRedHotMarketingBlender I was at a CMO COUNCIL (@CMO_Council) conference here in Dubai last week, where we were talking about the clash of the [boardroom] titans: CMO-CFO-CEO. See on www.redhotmarketingblender.com

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Linkin Park Recharge music marketing with gamification | The Wall Blog

November 9, 2013

See on Scoop.it – MarketingBliss by Kurt Frenier aka TheRedHotMarketingBlender Linkin Park are never afraid of testing new musical formats as well as new marketing mechanics. The latest album is a remix dubstep/dance album of their Kurt Frenier‘s insight: LINKIN PARK … embracing social media & gamification. You rock! See on wallblog.co.uk

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October 12, 2013

Stay tuned. I’ll be back once the book is finished and published. Kurt

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What U2’s ‘THE JOSHUA TREE’ Taught Me About Change

August 23, 2013

A few decades ago, when I was in my teens, I was a HUGE fan of U2. Massive. Followed their every move. Bought all their singles and albums. Went to concerts. Wore the t-shirts. And had posters on my bedroom walls. U2’s music shaped my life back then. With fabulous songs such as Sunday Bloody […]

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CREATIVITY! (…how to get there)

August 6, 2013

Because I’m on holiday, I will not bore you with a lot of text this time, but rather share one of my favorite, inspirational videos: JOHN CLEESE (of Fawtly Towers, one of my favorite TV series of all times) ON CREATIVITY. Absolutely worth watching!   The one big take-away in my opinion is how Cleese explains […]

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Left/Right Brain … not as we know it! [how insight in the human brain might change marketing]

July 20, 2013

I’ve always been half of a psychologist/psychiatrist (so they say -LoL), hence why the following blog post might seems strange to you, but normal to me. The notion of the left & rights side of the brain may not be as we all know it (i.e. left = information/logic, right = creativity/emotion). The new paradigm […]

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July 6, 2013

A little bit of marketing 1-o-1 today, based on a conversation I had last week about brand leadership and what I would call ‘brand determination’ (i.e. a brand showing its confidence). Let me start with a contextual anecdote. I used to have a manager a long long time ago that told me ‘Kurt, you are taking […]

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