Name : Kurt Frenier

Nickname: Spiky
Born: Aalst, Belgium
DOB: 2 April 1969 (aries)
Family: married & 2 daughters
Current location: New York, USA
Work: Vice President Marketing, PepsiCo HQ 


> Ultra short bio:

20+ yrs in marketing, published author, chief storyteller, marketing blogger, marketing nut, social media animal, aspiring CEO 😉

> My original, no-content, QR-code CV: http://www.redhotmarketingblender.com/about/cv/
> My marketing beliefs are here: http://www.redhotmarketingblender.com/about/my-mkt-beliefs/



> Recommendations:



I recommend EXPERTMARKETEER.COM, where I am an in the Advisory Board.

Check out @expertmarketeer





and CMO COUNCIL, where I am a member of the Middle East Advisory Board.

Check out @CMO_Council