MY FORMULA FOR *SUCCESS* (in your career)

by Kurt on September 10, 2011

Here is my mathematical equation” for success :

Success = Passion x Knowledge x Experience x Network x Hard Work x A bit of Luck










How do you put the formula to best use:




Without a doubt a key differentiator. Passion comes from deep down, from doing what you love. Passion leads to curiosity, another essential ingredient. Passion is visible to people around you, and hence it will push your career forward. For marketers amongst you, read:


Learn as much as you can, as long as you can; a bit every day. It is soooo important to keep that eagerness to absorb knowledge and learn new things for a very very long time in your career. At least until you are 40 or 45. Because your field of expertise will change, you need to refresh your ideas and strategies, and such. If you don’t do that, you’ll stand still and will be overhauled by others.


Take everyday as a bit more experience. Stop and learn from time to time. Every new task you take on will teach you something new. Every discussion you have will deeped your thinking and make you stronger and more confident. Position your work in that regard and you’ll do great.


Know who is who in the company. Networking is a skill in itself. It’s about creating real relationships, real friends in the company. That means you need to act accordingly: spend time together (even when virtual), share things (as you would in real life), etc. AND . . . try to have a sponsor on your side. Map your network, and keep it up to date.


A bit of a no-brainer. Necessary to fast track what you want. My mother used to told me “good things don’t just fall from the sky . . . you have to grab them!” -so true. I wouldn’t be where I am in my career if I hadn’t busted my ass off the first 10 – 15 years. Maybe I overdid it, but that gives me a chance to do a (little) bit slower these days. But I also “practice” another mantra to compensate: work hard – play hard!


You can’t do without that bit of luck that puts you in the right place at the right time. Always assume the gods have the best interest in you. And hence, “go with the flow”. Things happen for a reason. The only thing you need to do is KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN, so you don’t walk the other way when an opportunity shows itself. Grab your luck!


And so,  “Success = Passion x Knowledge x Experience x Network x Hard Work x A bit of Luck” worked for me. By no means is it all that it takes. There is also a need to differentiate yourself in the group, take risks, go beyond what is expected, walk-the-talk, motivate teams, and lots and lots more. The one thing that floats to the top? Passion! It drives so many things!


Thoughts? Experiences?


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